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Use of Personal Data

Scandbio Latvia will never disclose your personal information to any third parties.

Such personal data as your name, address, e-mail and phone number indicated by you when making a purchase at our online store, Scandbio Latvia will process and use for ensuring the goods delivery or release at our plant.

Scandbio Latvia can also use your personal information for the purposes of direct marketing, e.g., in order to send e-mails regarding special offers and news at our online store, unless you have refused receiving such information.

For the purpose of improving our service quality, data from your communication with Scandbio Latvia, e.g., information about your requests and complaints may also be used for the information processing.

Your personal data may also be used in order to comply with the obligations stipulated by the Republic of Latvia laws and regulations, e.g., related to security issues.

By using our online store and submitting us your personal data you agree that Scandbio Latvia will process your personal data for the above-referred purposes.

The personal data protection of website visitors is ensured according to the Republic of Latvia laws and regulations. Scandbio Latvia has taken all the required measures for ensuring personal data safety and not allowing unauthorised passing thereof at the disposal of any third parties.

Use of Cookies

Our website uses cookies. A cookie is a text file that is saved on your computer, so that the website can recognise you on repeated visits on our website.

Using your browser, a cookie can transfer such information to the server that will allow recognising the computer you are using (e.g., by using the IP address) or you as a user. When the server receives the information from the computer storing the respective cookie, this information may be used in combination with the information already stored on our server.

A cookie neither can gather any other information from the user's computer nor contain any infected or otherwise harmful files.

You can delete cookies if you do not want to store them on your computer anymore. Nevertheless you should take into account that as a result the functionality ensured by our website may reduce. More information on cookie management option can be found on the browser support sections: