Terms of Use

We highly appreciate your choice to take care of your heating with an environmentally friendly fuel, therefore we have carefully considered the delivery process so that you could receive your order as handy and promptly as possible.

Ordering is Easy!

Select a product and indicate the required quantity in the top right corner of the homepage or section Store.

Accurately indicate your name, phone number, delivery address or address of residence and other notes in the order form.

You will be able to pay for the order via internet bank transfer or credit card. After payment of the invoice you will receive delivery note in your email.

Collection of Goods

Upon purchasing goods at our store you can chose the preferred option for the goods collection - with delivery or pick up with your own transport at our plant.

1. Prompt and handy order delivery

If you choose the goods delivery, it is processed automatically, as soon as the information on the goods delivery place is entered and the payment is made.

When will you receive the ordered pellets?

  • We deliver pellets within a very short period (usually within 7 business days).
  • Under conditions beyond our control – when the goods are not available at the warehouse due to unexpectedly large orders or immediate delivery is impossible due to difficulties caused by weather conditions – the delivery time may extend up to 7 business days. In case such situation occurs we will inform you using the contact details indicated in your order.

What are the delivery costs?

  • We offer low delivery costs, as we are using an efficient distribution network. You will find precise costs, by indicating the required goods amount and postal code of the place of delivery in the order form.

Collection process – cooperation

  • About 30 minutes prior to delivery the driver will call the order consignee to notify about the arrival. The supplier will unload the goods you ordered at the site where you need if suitable access conditions are ensured:
    • entrance gate width – 3.5 m, height – 4.0 m, as well as manoeuvring possibilities for a truck;
    • hard and even surface (carriageway or asphalt free of any stones, sand, dirt, grass, water-shoots, thresholds or slopes) suitable for the truck weight (laden weight up to 15 tonnes), on which a pallet can be moved on a manual hydraulic trolley;
    • in winter, snow must be cleaned away and the road surface must not be ice-covered.
  • The driver will be able to move the pallet for not further than 10 metres from the place where the truck is pulled up.

Repeted delivery

  • If hard surface is not available at the unloading site or within 500 metres thereof suitable for access by a truck and safe placing of the pellet pallets, the order is returned to the warehouse.
  • If no person capable of accepting the goods and signing the delivery document is at home on the delivery day, the order is returned to the warehouse.
  • Re-delivery will be made after receiving the payment at the amount of 150% of the initial delivery costs and rearrangement on the delivery time.

2. Goods pick up at our warehouse

  • If you prefer to pick up the goods at our warehouse, after paying the invoice you can go to our plant in Talsi county.
  • The goods can be picked up on business days from 8 A.M to 5 P.M.
  • The delivery note (hard or electronic copy) should be presented upon the goods pick up.
  • Goods have to be picked up within 30 days after the purchase. If the goods are not picked up within 30 days, Scandbio Latvia is entitled to cancel the transaction (return money to the customer).
    • Approximately a week before the end of the term client is contacted via phone or email by Scandbio Latvia;
    • Scandbio Latvia refunds purchase fully.

If you Want to Return the Goods

  • Pursuant to the Consumer Rights Protection Law, the goods can be returned without explaining any reasons within 14 days after making the purchase. The goods must be in the original packaging and have no damages. 
  • We will contact you as soon as possible in order to discuss the goods return.
  • The purchase delivery costs are not refunded. Scandbio Latvia will cover the delivery costs for the goods return.